Terms and Conditions

All correspondence regarding Nixonutlis/Travel Board meetings should be addressed to M/s. Nixonutli.com Payments: For each administration received to hold the reservation, a certain advance payment is required at the confirmed point of departure and the balance can be paid either before leaving your country or on arrival in India, but sure. Before starting treatment. The administrator has the opportunity to choose in advance the amount paid as compensation, taking into account the idea of ​​the support and the time remaining to start the support.

Except for the above cases, such as unique train journeys, accommodation or resort appointments during high season (Christmas, New Year), and the entire package must be sent in advance. Method of payment: Advance payment abroad can be made by bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation of alpha/travel arrangement due to avoidable/disputable reasons, responsible paper must inform us. Cancellation fees apply from the date of receipt of the registered paper notice and the cancellation fees are as follows:

Note: Written cancellation will be notified every working day except Sunday. Cancellations made on Sunday will be counted on the next working day (Monday). During Christmas and New Year, 20.12.–5.1. Plots are not refundable. If you cancel after the tour has started, the discount will be limited to a limited amount, which would also be based on the amount we would receive from our cheap hoteliers/project staff.

We are not responsible for discounts for unused accommodation, organized transport and cancelled parties etc.  Wildlife Safari Cancellation: All non-residential accommodation on Live India Public Park/Security Safari Wildlife Safaris are non-refundable. Even a request to change the date will be treated as a sweep and the set will not be evaluated/changed based on it.

Nixonutli.com is exclusively engaged in accommodation, transportation, forwarding, and railway and project staff, providing various services. The basis on which they issue the relevant administrative acts.

All schedules are tentative routes intended to give you a general idea of ​​a reasonable trip. Various factors such as climate, street conditions, actual power of members, etc. can change the agenda either before or during the inventory alpha.

We insist that we have full authority to change schedules because we are legitimately concerned about the safety, comfort and general well-being of our members.  Our prices are based on the general prices we have agreed on for accommodation, drivers and more. Accommodations and drivers are subject to change without notice. In the event of such changes, we may revise the prices published prior to the change to reflect changes in accommodation or drivers.

All accommodation reservations are regularly checked and compared with the season of the guesthouse until they are ready. We are not responsible for program delays and changes or costs caused directly or indirectly by ordinary risks, flight scratches, accidents, equipment or supplies, transportation disruptions, weather, riots, avalanches, political shutdowns or inconvenient periods.  We will not be responsible for any accident, injury or damage to any person, property or public amenities, transport or various administrative actions arising – directly or indirectly – from any INDICATION OF GOD, risks, fire, accident, equipment or device failure, of transport. failures, wars, general breakdown, strikes, riots, robberies, robberies, pestilence, clinical or normal distribution instructions, negligence or any other cause beyond our control.

We do not have insurance to cover accidents caused by damage, attempt, and theft or otherwise. Guests are advised to seek such safeguards in their home country. All goods and property/assets are at all times the responsibility of the customer. If it’s not too much trouble, please note: We are not responsible for costs caused by unforeseen circumstances such as avalanches, barricades, terrible weather, etc.